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When you hire Center for Industrial Audiometrics to help with your hearing conservation program, you’re hiring a dedicated team that is committed to providing the best service for your employees, company, and managers. Our top priority is ensuring that your regulations are OSHA compliant while helping your employees stay protected from hazardous noise. 

When it comes to hearing protection, there is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Each individual’s attenuation rating can be different within the same environment, causing the need for a range of hearing protectors for all employees. Determining the best solution is found in conducting individual fit testing for every team member who is exposed to an 8-hour time-weighted noise level of 85 dBA or action level. 

Fit Testing Technology 

Fit testing provides a formal metric report which allows our audiologists to determine if the employee is receiving optimal protection for their noise environment. This is achieved through gathering a Personal Attenuation Rating (PAR) which will identify if the employee has adequate attenuation in their working environment. From there, CIA will suggest which protection equipment best adheres to the individual’s needs while fulfilling regulatory requirements. 

Gathering information from a fit test benefits employees and managers alike. Having individual-specific data that directly correlates with protection needs helps managers maintain OSHA standards while employees receive proper protection in the workplace.  

CIA can proudly offer individual fit testing for all your employee’s hearing protectors. Cost is per employee and is provided at the time of the annual hearing test. 

Don’t wait! Schedule your hearing test with fit testing today and maintain OSHA compliance while offering the best protection for your employees. 


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