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May is “Better Hearing Month,” a time to raise awareness about hearing health and how it impacts every single person. During this time, Center for Industrial Audiometrics wants to help provide additional information to individuals and employers that can benefit the workplace. If your employees are struggling with loss, or not properly protected against high-levels of noise that could cause hearing loss, the ramifications can be detrimental. Hearing health should be a priority in the workplace, not only for the personal wellbeing and health of your team members but also for the efficiency and reliability of daily tasks.

Here are three reasons why hearing health should be a workplace priority:

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss is preventable. As an employer, you have the ability to provide the necessary (and mandatory) resources to help fight against hearing loss.

Untreated hearing loss can impact job performance. According to EPIC’s “Listen Here” survey, 95% of employees who suspect they have a hearing problem but have not sought treatment admit that their untreated hearing loss impacts their job performance. This means your business is negatively impacted by something that could have been prevented or can be assisted.

It’s about caring about overall health. Hearing health isn’t separate from the rest of an individual’s health. In order for people to perform their best, they need to be able to communicate at their best. Whether it’s in the office/site, or in a current virtual setting, communication is the glue that leads to high-performing productivity.

The average person will spend more than 13 years and two months at their place of work. It’s important that those who spend the majority of their lives working are properly protected and cared for.

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