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As part of OSHA’s hearing conservation program, each employer must establish and maintain an audiometric testing program for all employees who are exposed to an action level of 85 dB or above, measured in an 8-hour TWA. The program must include baseline audiograms, annual audiograms, and follow-up procedures; Center for Industrial Audiometrics can provide it all!

Baseline Audiogram

CIA will conduct audiometric baseline testing on all employees whose exposures equal or exceed, OR would be expected to equal or exceed the Action Level within six months of their first exposure at or above the Action Level. We will also conduct baseline audiograms for individuals who did not previously have one done and are expected to be assigned to a high-noise area.

Annual Audiogram 

Employers must also provide annual audiograms within one year of the baseline. This provides protective followup initiatives before any hearing loss occurs, or progresses. We can conduct these at the same time that we are on-site for baseline audiograms.

Problem Audiogram Review

Beyond conducting the audiograms, CIA’s highly-trained audiologists can fulfill the OSHA requirement of reviewing the data and determining if there is a significant Standard Threshold Shift.

With our on-site testing, your employees can receive OSHA-compliant baseline and annual audiograms on your company’s property and maximize your employee downtime! Contact one of our industrial audiologists today with additional comments or workplace concerns.


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